Brian Scherman


Sound Designer | Producer | Mixing & Mastering Engineer | Saxophonist

For the past 10 years, Brian Scherman has worked as an expert in the field of Sonic Branding and Sonic Design, crafting elegant systems of sounds for some of the largest brands in the world including Walmart, Lexus, American Express, and Netflix.He is the founder of Iconic Sonic, helping to set standards in the world of sound branding and sonic design through his innovative work as well as creating video content to educate consumers and brands about the power of great sonic design.Brian brings deep creativity together with technical expertise, designing interaction sounds for autonomous vehicles, critical alerts and alarms for medical devices, and entrainment ambiences for sound in wellness experiences.He is the creator of the American Express Payment Sound, has created sonic logos for the Netflix series After School and Night School, and the co-creator of the Southwest Airlines theme and Sonic Logo.He is a world class facilitator, workshop presenter, and communicator trained at Apple in Cupertino. He has presented on stage for large audiences including C level executives on the role of sound in design and branding. His international audiences include NASA JPL, Swisscom, Ticketmaster, BMW Designworks, and Johnson & Johnson.Brian creates indie dance music under the name Gold Ablaze, and plays alto saxophone and produces beats as 1/3 of the Hornbeaters. He holds musical performance degrees from New England Conservatory and New York University.